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Fire and Ice (Pacific Paradise)
Ice cream, lightly coated in tempura batter, deep-fried until crispy and topped with raspberry and caramel sauce. Served with fresh fruit.
Mango & Sticky Rice (Thailand)
Fresh sliced mango with raspberry sauce arranged around a mound of sticky rice. Topped with coconut sauce.
Crispy Banana (Malaysia)
Fresh banana rolled in shredded coconut, wrapped in crepe blanket and fried until crispy. Topped with raspberry and caramel sauces and served with ice cream.
Chocolate Volcano
Chocolate layer cake with raspberry, chocolate sauce and served with fresh fruit.
Tropical Ice Cream
Mango Ice CreamAvocado Ice CreamCoconut Ice Cream
Green Tea Ice CreamPlumwine Ice CreamGinger Ice Cream
Red Bean Ice Cream
Fresh Tropical Smiles (Pacific Paradise)
Lips curve, forming a friendly smile. Laughter served on the side. Free to all our customers.